Friday, November 12, 2010

Elisa's outfit

Elisa is very opinionated about her clothing. I used to be mortified at some of the outfits she put together. Now I'm a little more used to it. This morning was a perfect example. Before I started taking the video she was looking at herself and talking and making faces in the mirror. She does it just for a second in the video too. So funny.

Hiking in the Gorge

Just a couple of pictures from last weekend... hiking with my parents out in the gorge. It was gorgeous!


Leesi is now going on three (just one month until her birthday) and so of course she speaks like a champ. But sometimes the way she pronounces things is still quite funny.
Here are some of my favorites:

hanitizer "I don't need soap, I used hanitizer."
(hand sanitizer)

yittle "I'm yittle pookie, and you are big pookie."

bite-a-wims "Mommy, I want my bite-a-wims!"

monica "I'm just playin' my monica."

wave "I'm going to wave you." (she says, holding up the tape measure)

spoovie "Mommy, please can we have spoovies for breakfast, please?"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween was fun this year. I feel like this was the first year that Elisa was really old enough to understand anything that was happening. In the weeks leading up to Halloween I asked her what she wanted to be for "dress-up day" (she has a Pooh book in which Pooh dresses up as a honeybee for "dress-up day", so I figured this would be a good way to refer to Halloween). She told me she wanted to be a block (as in a child's classic letter block). She stuck with this choice every time I asked her about it, until the day that I started cutting up a big box for her costume. Then she decided she'd rather be a puppy (we already had both the puppy and the giraffe costumes thanks to Wanda's garage sale-ing skills). So, on Halloween we dressed up and headed over to the school's carnival. A couple of friends from church, who Elisa just absolutely adores, also came (they are in one of the bottom pictures). After the carnival we did a small amount of trick or treating at some of the school apartments. Elisa told me, "This candy is all for me, Mommy." She repeated this a couple of times. Pretty smart, huh? Or as Greg said last night as he raided her candy stash, "Oh foolish, foolish child."

Perfect Fall

Fall has been amazing here. We've had quite a few perfect sunny days, and the leaves are just gorgeous! Everywhere you look the trees are turning. I love it.

Here's the view out of my window this morning... foggy, but still beautiful. And the second picture is the view out of my window right now... sunny, and the trees are just glowing.