Wednesday, May 2, 2007

First Impressions

So I went to the doctor a few weeks back for my first prenatal appointment. It was pretty normal at first, you know... pee in a cup, stand on the scale, blood pressure etc.

The excitement started when the nurse started to draw blood.

Now my history in the blood drawing department isn't great. I guess I have small, "roll-y" veins. At Red Cross blood drives they resort to using the child needle, and even then they have trouble. This nurse was no different. She started to talk about how my vein wasn't cooperating, all the while trying to coax it into cooperation with the needle. I started to sink down in my chair. I was feeling terribly hot and light-headed... it kept getting worse and worse, and then all of a sudden... nothing. Was that a fan blowing on me? Ah, delicious breeze! This was the best I'd felt in days. Oh, did I just faint? Struggling to pull myself back into consciousness I saw Greg's somewhat anxious, though smiling face. There was another doctor buzzing through the room, he looked amused. And there was the nurse... Oh, and now I have a bandage and cotton-ball on my arm.

Well, several minutes later I'd been ushered into a different room, and the nurse was asking me family history questions. All of a sudden, I knew... my mouth tasted different. I grabbed the trash can and proceeded to empty the contents of my stomach into it. It's amazing how much you can have in your stomach even after eating very little. Anyway, I'll spare you the details.

Well, the rest of my appointment went without much more excitement. But I couldn't help but think, "Wow, quite the first impression."

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beccafredo said...

=) I remember some blood drive stories about you Carolyn-head. Sounds like quite the first impression....phew. Hope you have some nice boring visits in store for you too! =)