Thursday, August 2, 2007

What a summer

Well, our summer break is officially over. We are back in Arkansas. Greg is now starting his marathon month of retreats, training, and getting everyone moved in. I start back to work at the library next week.

But what a summer it was... we had quite the road trip both on the way to Portland, and on the way back here to Arkansas. Here are some of the highlights:

Left our house June 8th.
In Oklahoma we stopped at Greg's favorite gas station - Quick Trip.
In Kansas our car turned over 100,000 miles.
We stopped for the night in Colorado.
The next day as we were leaving Denver we dodged prairie dogs on the road.
In Wyoming we got a speeding ticket.
In Utah we drove by the Great Salt Lake.
In Idaho we both put our grumpy pants on. :-) But after a good night's sleep we felt much better and the next day we entered Oregon.
In Oregon we stopped at the first Burgerville we came to for lunch - YUM! And drove through the Columbia River Gorge. Beautiful!
We arrived at Greg's Uncle's house in time for his cousin's graduation party on June 10th. It was so good to see everyone.

Now here are the highlights from the trip back to Arkansas:

Left from Colombia City (just outside of Portland) July 25th.
In Oregon we drove through beautiful wine country (the Willamette Valley).
In California we ate at In 'n' Out, and I officially decided that I would hate to live in the LA area.
In Arizona we ran out of gas in the middle of the desert. We also visited our friends Anna and Caleb and got to go to the Grand Canyon.
In New Mexico... nothing really happened... but it was my first time ever in that state and I thought it was kind of pretty! Oh, and I think we finished the Harry Potter Book in New Mexico somewhere.
In Texas we visited Cadillac Ranch on Route 66.
In Oklahoma we once again stopped at Greg's favorite gas station - Quick Trip.
And we arrived home in Arkansas on July 30th.

We also had a great summer in the Northwest... but I can't even begin to tell you all of the highlights from that. I'll post some pictures soon!

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