Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A visit from Becca

So my good friend, Becca, came to visit us this past week. We had such a great time with her! We snuggled with Leesi, shopped, ate ice cream, drank coffee, picnicked, and talked a ton! It was so good to be with Becca. She's "our people" ;-) It's so meaningful to have friends from my "old life" come and see my "new life." Now Becca has met Elisa, seen my house, and where I work. And that just means a lot to me.

My friends Jenn and Anna are also planning to come visit - Jenn in April and Anna in May. I'm so excited!

Becca is currently doing missionary care for third-culture-kids in Eastern Europe. Click here to see her amazing blog.

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Cathy said...

Old friends are the best!