Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greg's Away... Mom and Leesi Play

Greg is gone. He left this morning at 3 am for the annual ACSD (Association of Christians in Student Development) Conference. This year it's at Cedarville in Ohio. He'll be there just over a week.

I'm so sad that he's gone. Ever since I woke up this morning I have this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's like a nervous queasy feeling. It's silly. I know that a lot of people are away from their spouses far longer than a week, but I'm not used to him being gone so long.

I'm also a little nervous about Elisa. I work three days while Greg is gone, and Elisa will have to be watched by someone else for about 5 hours each day. I haven't left her with anyone but Greg for that long before, and I'm kind of nervous about it. I know that she'll be in good hands, but I'm nervous about how she'll do. Will she drink out of her bottle well? Will she sleep okay? What if she cries the whole time? I guess it's normal for me to be nervous about this. I just have to remind myself that it's better that this is happening now, before she's at the age of separation anxiety.

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