Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, life in transition continues... We would have liked to be settled by now, in an apartment or home, and in a new job. But that apparently is not what God had for us. And so we continue to wait. It gets a bit discouraging at times. (You can read Greg's posts here, here, and here for a little more info on the past month of job searching)

I'm trying to be patient, and thankful. I'm trying to trust instead of worrying.

So in this moment I choose to be thankful... thankful that we have wonderful families who have graciously opened their homes to us and let us take over their living space with toys and clothes and diapers; thankful that we have still have some money in the bank and one last paycheck coming from JBU, thankful that I get to have my wonderful husband around a little more often, thankful for my beautiful children, thankful for wonderful weather... most of all, thankful for a heavenly Father who loves us, is all-powerful, and will work to bring about what is best in His time.

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