Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grabby Grabbersons

Jonathan is that age where he is interested in the things that others have (now that I stop and think about it, maybe this isn't related to an age... maybe it's just the human condition). And he has the motor skills and the grabbing power to assert his little will. Elisa is constantly in terror that he will take something she is playing with. (Which is funny, considering how often she snatches things that he is playing with, all while saying politely, "Can I have that please, Jonathan?")

She often carries her stroller around as high as her little arms can reach and sets it on high places: the coffee table, the couch, her bed... just so that Jonathan won't grab it. This morning she came out of her bedroom carrying some toy and said, "He was trying to grab this. Isn't him crazy?" It cracked me up to hear her use the word "crazy" referring to her brother. She also regularly asks me, "Is him a Grabbersons?"

Last week we were at a bakery (a vegan bakery, by the way) eating some dessert. Greg was holding Jonathan on his lap and reading some pamphlet (probably about being vegan or something). Next thing we knew, Jonathan had grabbed Greg's plate, pulled it off the table, and dropped it on the floor, where it shattered into tiny pieces.

Yep, him is a Grabbersons.

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Wanda said...

A darling grabbersons with a big smile so you can't get mad. He is so joyful with a fistfull.