Monday, December 13, 2010


Three years have flown by... and now my baby has turned into this little girl....

She is cute, funny, fun, and smart. She is opinionated and can be demanding. She loves reading, doing art projects, playing with Little People, dressing her dolls, jumping off of furniture, and most of all she LOVES music. She amazes me each day and I'm so glad to be her Momma.

Today was a very special day. We started her birthday by going swimming at Mt. Scott. All the grandparents were there, as well as a little friend from church.

In the evening after opening gifts we went to a special place for dinner.
Can you guess where it is?
Did you guess yet? If not, this next picture should give it away...
Elisa chose to go to IKEA for her birthday. And I have to say, it was perfect. So kid-friendly and fun. We ate in the restaurant, and then played in the children's section. Elisa and Jonathan had a heyday! Elisa also chose princess plates and napkins, and chocolate cake.
Happy 3rd birthday my little girl. I love you beyond words.


Caleb and Anna Fields said...

I love that she chose to eat at IKEA! What a funny girl! I never would have thought of that, but now I can't think of anything more fun! Maybe I will go there for my 32nd bday. Love you Brocks!

Greg said...

It was a great day. Elisa loved it and your planning/baking efforts were well used Carolyn. Thanks for making an important day memorable.

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday Leesi, you made it fun for everyone. I think Olivia had a good time too. Love,Grammy