Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love summer. Life just seems a little more carefree. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Greg has June and July off.

This picture kind of sums up some of the things I love about summer: impromptu grilling and eating outside, kids in swimsuits splashing in tiny blow-up pools, carefree afternoons and evenings. It was taken during a lovely family evening. The kids splashed outside and then started watering our "garden" with their tiny watering cans. They rode up and down the sidewalk on their trikes. Greg grilled and we ate these wonderful chicken garlic sausages, and hung out in our lawn chairs. It was one of those beautiful family times that you can't force, but sneaks up on you with its beauty and leaves you smiling for weeks afterwards whenever you remember it.


MaryJane said...

Awwwh. I love summer, too; and miss the little ones.

Christa Forsythe said...

Love it... you put to words the music of summer... how wonderful!