Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leesi-isms part two

I love some of the ways that Leesi pronounces things...

a-careful "Mommy, be a-careful." or "Don't worry, I'll be a-careful."

maked "I'm all maked."

helicockter "I see a helicockter!"

slissors "Mommy, will you get me my little slissors?"

I also love the way her little mind works.

When she has a lot to carry she'll ask me, "Mommy, will you help me? My hands are too heavy." Or just "Help! I have heavy hands!"

The other day she dropped something behind the couch and couldn't reach it. So she told me, "I can't get it, I don't have enough arm."

1 comment:

Jeana said...

Love it! Heavy hands and I don't have enough arm are my favorites.