Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chinese Garden Adventure

Today we went to the Chinese Garden here in downtown Portland. The brochure said it is the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China... I don't know whether to believe the brochure or not. But nonetheless it was beautiful and tranquil. It was like stepping into another world. I kind of forgot we were still downtown, except that every once in awhile over the tops of the curved roofs I would catch glimpses of skyscrapers. 

The garden takes up one city block, but it's amazing how much they fit into that little space. There are paths leading through it different ways, and different vistas from each angle. The sound of a waterfall blocks out the city traffic noise. It really is quite a calming, tranquil experience. Except, I suppose, for the sounds of our children. 

 The kids loved watching the big Koi.

They liked using the "flower" doorway as a slide.

The kids had a really fun time. When I told her earlier in the day that we were going to a Chinese garden Leesi said, "That doesn't sound very fun." But in the car when we were leaving she said, "I didn't think it was going to be fun, but it was fun!" I was glad she had amended her opinion.

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