Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nora at 6 weeks

I sit here right now with a baby resting on my arms while I type. She's asleep... but if I lay her down she will certainly wake up. Nora has proven to be, so far, the most challenging of our babies. She hates her carseat and about half of the time when we go somewhere she will cry. Listening to her crying makes the rest of us feel a little frantic. I'm sure it makes me and Greg worse drivers, and it has even brought Jonathan to tears. She can be pretty fussy in the evenings too. She needs a lot of holding and bouncing. So that makes it hard to do much around the house... or really at all. But usually she can be soothed; rarely does she cry inconsolably. And she usually sleeps pretty well at night (for a newborn). Most nights I get at least one 3-4 hour block of sleep, and once she even slept 6 hours straight. And of course, I love her to pieces... so that makes everything worthwhile... even the screaming rides in the car.
I mean, how can you resist that cute face? And there really is nothing like holding a peaceful, sleeping baby. So sweet.

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