Monday, May 26, 2014

Elisa the 6 year old

So my sweet Leesi is six years old. (She has been for about 6 months now… but I just haven't written about it!)

My 6-year-old 
Sweet smile
This is her first-ever selfie :-)
Elisa is my big helper. She loves to help me cook. She loves to play "the cleaning game" to help me clean. She sets the table (at least partly) most nights. And I can count on her to play with Nora and help take care of her in other ways. 

Nora, of course, adores Leesi. They have a very sweet relationship. Leesi still thinks it cute and fun that Nora copies her, and loves it when their clothes match in some way.

Elisa really likes school. She is in half-day Kindergarten. She goes to a bi-lingual school, and Leesi loves learning Spanish. She is an expert reader. I think her Kindergarten tests from a few months back said she was reading at a first grade level, but I don't tell her any of that. We just emphasize the joy of reading, and try to encourage working hard and doing our best at learning. Right now she is really into a series of fairy books. And last month we read Farmer Boy and some of the other Little House books. They are still a little above her reading level, so we read them to her. But it is fun to be into chapter books now. 

She is best buds with Jonathan. When Leesi gets out of school they often reunite with a huge bear hug! It's very sweet. They color, ride bikes, play cars, or come up with secret schemes together in the afternoon. A few weeks ago after running through the sprinkler one warm (but not hot) afternoon, they discovered the dryer vent and huddled under it for awhile. Then they decided to "roast" some banana pops (frozen sliced bananas on toothpicks) that they had made earlier in the day. They called the vent the "air fire." Jonathan informed me afterwards that he didn't like the roasted bananas too much because "they got all squishy and gooey." It's so fun to watch them come up with and carry out their own ideas.
Yum! Nothing like a "roasted" banana!  
Though she is still a little shy, she does quite well at talking to other people now. I think school has helped a lot with that. I also think that watching Jonathan talk to anyone with an ear (or two) has helped. She doesn't want to get left out! 

Leesi is a bit of a planner. She likes finding projects in her magazines and then doing them. She is hesitant to try new things, whether it be a new food or a new experience. She loves being silly and laughs easily. She is very physically affectionate and snuggly. 

She still loves clothes and has very strong opinions about what she likes. Somehow at the beginning of Kindergarten she decided that she only likes wearing dark colored pants, and no jeans. So most days she either wears black, dark blue, or jean leggings along with various skirts, dresses, and shirts.

Elisa Marie, I am so glad to be your Mommy. I love spending time with you and watching you learn and grow every day. I love you!


Wanda said...

Love her giggles and enthusiasm.
Sweet & kind to her siblings.
I call her my Cupcake and love that she is a snuggle bunny.
Happy #6.5 Leesi.

Mom said...

The last time we were down for a visit I looked at Leesi and thought, "Wow, she is getting so tall." It just hit me that she is no longer such a little girl and then when she told me she had lost her tooth I was again reminded of yet another sign that she is really growing up.