Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just some randomness...

Jonathan yesterday while we were eating in the sunshine: “I’m tellin’ ya’ I’m as hot as a hippo!” We went into the shade and after awhile: “I’m tellin’ ya’ I’m as cold as an icicle!”

When the big kids get stuck or are having trouble with something they often say, “Uh, a little help here please!” I think that one of the characters on Doc McStuffins says it all the time. But it still cracks me up when they say it.

Leesi has started first grade at a new school. It is close enough that we walk (the kids ride their bikes) every morning. I love being close to school and getting to know people in the neighborhood. I like her teacher so far. Leesi likes school too, I think. Although it has been a harder transition than preschool or kindergarten. One morning I had to carry her all the way to school because she was so upset and didn't want to go. But at the end of each day she is happy and tells me about all the fun things that happened.  

This morning Nora was yelling at the top of her lungs in a sing-song voice, “Oh Mommy, Oh Mommy, Oh Mommy.” Finally I stumbled into her room and saw her standing in her crib, a big smile on her face. “Awake?” She asked. Yes Nora, I just happen to be awake.  

Last time I was driving home from Portland late at night with the kids, Nora kept us all awake by yelling (loudly and very high pitched), "Wake up! Wake up! E-uh (Elisa) wake up! Donthan (Jonathan) wake up!" Finally Jonathan fell asleep anyway. All the rest of us stayed awake. 

So quite apart from us working with him, Jonathan has started being able to read short words. I noticed that pretty often he could decipher words. But I wasn't really sure how much of it was reading and how much was just lucky guesses or a good memory. So yesterday I got out Hop on Pop and had him read some of the short words from the lists at the front of the book. He read them pretty easily. I mean, he needed some help and he doesn't know all of his sounds ('th' still threw him off, as well as some vowels sounds). But I was surprised by how much he could read. Now if only we could solve the pencil holding problem.

Jonathan has started going to preschool. He goes for three mornings each week. I think he likes it. When I ask him about it he says that he played with cars and trucks, and went down the slide. His class has seven boys and one girl. Makes me tired just thinking about it. 

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