Sunday, February 3, 2008

Craftiness Accomplished!

Okay, so you know those things that you really want to do... but you're kind of intimidated by... so you start, but never finish? Well, today I finished one of those things. I'm so proud of myself.
You see, my mom is an excellent seamstress (she even made my wedding dress!). But she didn't pass that gene on to me. I guess I shouldn't blame it on genes; maybe I'm just lazy because I know that my mom can sew anything I need - so I don't have to!
Anyway, while she was here in December she sewed some curtains for Elisa's room. But it was up to me after she left to sew the valance to go with them. She walked me through the first steps over the phone. This last Friday I completed what she had told me to do and needed my next set of instructions in order to finish them up. But when I called, my dad informed me that my mom was gone for the weekend on a retreat (the nerve!). I was determined to finish... so I was left to my own devices to figure out how to do it. I probably didn't do it the "right" way... but I did it! And I love how they turned out. I feel like this has given me new confidence to try other sewing projects.

I love the fabric. It's very girly, but kind of funky too! The fabric designer is Jennifer Paganelli. Check out to see more of her fun fabrics.


Jeana said...

I LOVE Jennifer Paganelli fabrics! I have a tote bag made from some of her stuff. =) The curtains and valance look awesome--great job!

Cathy said...

Oh, that's too cute, and what a great job. You go girl!

wamaboo said...

I'd hire you, they look great, what a pretty room she has thanks to her mommy. Love the curtains!

Jenn said...

They're so cute! You know, my mom was a sewer too, but somehow, I'm only able to sew in lines. Curtains, pillows, blankets, vallences. Anything that is straight seems not so frightening...You should be proud. They're very cute. :-)