Friday, February 15, 2008

2 Months

The other day as I sat in the waiting room at the dentist office, Martha Stewart was on. She was showing different ideas for taking and framing baby pictures. One idea that I really liked was one big frame with twelve pictures in it. It had one picture for each month of the baby's first year. Well, I decided to take pictures of Elisa each month. And here are the first two for comparison...

one month

two months

On Martha Stewart the baby was wearing the same one-year-old-size onesie in each picture. So you could really see a change in how big the baby was getting in each picture. I think that's a great idea... but I didn't do it. Kind of wish I had now. Anyway, you can still see a change in Elisa... she's looking more and more like an infant and less like a newborn!

Click here to see the Martha Stewart video including some other great ideas for kids' pictures.


wamaboo said...

Oh I need to hold that darling girl, bring her quick!!!

Cathy said...

Great idea! She's such a cutie!