Monday, September 15, 2008

Bang Bang Bang

I realized I haven't put any videos up lately for the grandparents. Elisa is so much more stable on her feet. I can't believe how much more she can do, even just in the last few months. She can pull herself to standing, and even let go of whatever she's holding onto and stand for a second on her own. She can crawl, and she's getting to be so much fun. I feel like her little personality is coming out.

She's curious, but she still needs a safety net. The epitome of this is that she always wants to be held facing out. She doesn't want to snuggle; she wants to see what's going on around her, but she still wants me holding her (or at least nearby).

She's fun-loving and playful (she squeals whenever Greg plays "I'm gonna get you" and I just love making her smile).

She's determined. If she sees us eating an apple she will pull ferociously at the apple until it's in her mouth.

She loves to dance and loves music. At church on Sunday she "sang" along with everyone. And sometimes at home we have family dance parties and she loves it!

She's thoughtful. She will furrow her little brow when she is in a new situation or sees a new person, as if to say, "And what is this?"

I love her so much. She is starting to come out of her extremely needy phase (although it's still there a little bit - I guess I'm getting used to it). She's asleep right now, but I just want to snuggle and hug her. Oh well, I guess I'll wait 'til morning. For now I'll just watch this video and think about how cute she is.

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wamaboo said...

I just want to hug & snuggle her too!! She is so sweet,just like her mom. Grammy