Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cloth Diapering (continued)

So a few weeks ago I posted about cloth diapering. And I said that I would update you on how it's going... so here it is:

The first couple of days were hard. Elisa had diarrhea, there was a lot of poop that leaked onto the diaper covers, it took a long time to get the diapers on, the diapers were super bulky, most of her pants didn't seem to fit over the top of the diapers.... and everything just seemed a lot harder. Also, I had no cloth diaper bin, so I was just sticking the diapers into the washing machine... which meant that if I wanted to do other laundry I had to take them out... ick!

On the instructions that came with the diapers it said that it was hard to transition from disposable to cloth... and not to give up right away. So, we didn't. We bought a trash can for the dirty diapers and just kept on trying.

It's been about a month now, and we've been using them about half the time. For awhile I had a goal of using four a day... and that kept me motivated. But now I use them most of the time when I'm home. And it's really not that hard. Greg agrees... he wasn't really into the idea from the beginning. But now he uses them too and it's no big deal. In fact, I think we're going to buy a few more so that we have enough to use them even on "washing days." We both agree that we don't like using them when we're away from home. So I think we'll just stick to using them when we're here.

They are really quite easy to wash. I use diaper liners (which are thin sheets of paper-like stuff that go in between the diaper and the baby's butt), so I can just flush the liner with the poop. I rarely have to dunk the diapers in the toilet, or deal with poop. Then on wash day I just dump them in the washer and run them through once on cold, then once on hot. I wash the liners that were just peed on along with the diapers and reuse them. I don't fold my diapers (folding has long been my least favorite thing about laundry). I just stack them and use them again... so that's easy peasy!

I think that the hardest things for me to get used to are:
1) The added bulk. I have pants that Elisa can wear with cloth diapers and pants that she can wear with disposables. If I switch halfway through the day I have to switch pants too... otherwise the pants will either fall off, or be so tight that Elisa has trouble moving.
2) The added diapering time. Even though I've gotten faster it still takes about three times as long for me to change a cloth diaper. And Elisa is NOT a patient diaper changer. She wants to be moving and crawling and rolling, not laying on her back getting her diaper changed.

But other than that... I guess I like it. It is a little more work. But overall I'm glad that I'm saving money. Though I'm still not so sure that I'm saving the earth.


Allen said...

Carolyn, we remember much of what you're saying! Ah memories... we'd still be cloth diapering if we didn't have to pay $1.25/load to do the wash.

Are you using safety pins to keep the diapers together? If you, might I recommend Snappi's. The absolute greatest diapering invention known to man kind. And I'm not kidding.

Longans said...

Good for you, Carolyn! I was also going to recommend Snappis. If you ever need new covers or anything, go to It's basically a cloth diaper ebay where people sell their used cloth diapers. It's a great way to get quality stuff for cheap, since the cost adds up FAST.


Laura Oien said...

Hi Carolyn, Love the video of Elisa,she is sure growing up. Loved your article on diapers. I used cloth diapers and occasionally disposables when away from home and I enjoyed it. The diaper liners are a new great invention. I alway felt pioneerish(not really a word!) using cloth diapers and love how white and soft they were. Keep up the good work, Blessings, Laura Oien

Carolyn said...

Thanks for all the comments on both posts. It's been fun hearing people's recommendations!

We have been using a snappi fastener... I knew from the beginning that using pointy objects around my squirmy baby would NOT be a good idea! But originally I thought I was just going to fold the diaper in thirds and lay it in the cover... I know people who do that and it just seemed so easy. But I found that it didn't contain the poop very well. And it made the diaper even bulkier. So I started using my snappi that I had bought "just in case". Glad I got it!

Also thanks for the recommended websites, laundry ideas, etc. (I'm trying vinegar in my current load of diaper laundry. We'll see how they turn out.)

Cathy said...

Wow! Good for you in not giving up. I was just too lazy to deal with cloth diapers when my "babies" were babies.