Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where's Itty?

Here's Elisa and me playing a hide 'n' seek of sorts. The bunny we're playing with is named Itty Bit... and Elisa is super attached to her. She sleeps with Itty and, if we let her, she drags Itty around the house.

Leesi is just so much fun. Today while I was watching her I realized that I'm just a few weeks away from having a toddler. She is starting to seem more and more like a big girl and less and less like a baby. It's amazing that last year at this time I was pregnant with her, she's grown up so quickly!


Allen said...

Leesi is cute!

linde and josh said...

Sydney and I just watched the video and Syd shouted at it and smiled...I think she was trying to say hi to Elisa :) She is getting SO big! We miss you guys!!

Cathy said...

So cute to hear her "talk"!