Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, Greg called me today from Portland. He made it there safe and sound. He said his Gramma was actually looking pretty good this afternoon. The doctors said that she indeed did have a stroke. (For awhile they thought it may have been something less severe.) The stroke has affected her vision - she can see in certain spots but not in others. Still, it sounds like she's improving. She used her left hand a couple of times throughout the afternoon, which is really good. It sounds like everyone is just exhausted: physically and emotionally. So please pray for them.

As for me and Elisa... we're doing pretty well too. The carpet-layer finished the carpet this afternoon, and several guys helped me move the big pieces of furniture back into the living room. I was supposed to work tomorrow. But I was able to find someone to switch Saturdays with me at work so that I wouldn't have to find a baby-sitter. And I found a ride to church Sunday (since the car isn't working). I feel very grateful... I often get worried about little details like these.

Just keep praying for Greg's family, particularly Gramma.


Cathy said...

We've been praying for Mona. Saw Butch and family at Darren's bb game and they said she was doing pretty good. How scary for everyone. She's got a lot of people praying for her! Nice that Greg was able to come.

Anonymous said...
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