Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stroller Time!

So, for Elisa's birthday and Christmas she got two dolls and a stroller. I've been shocked by how much she loves her baby dolls... I guess I just didn't expect her to be old enough to play with dolls yet. Today I took her outside to take one of her babies and the ever present Itty for a walk. She had such a great time...


Elisa found what I call (for lack of horticultural knowledge) "pokey balls." So she picked up a bunch of them and put them in the stroller with Itty and Baby Doll.

We had a lot of fun outside in the beautiful weather!


Denee Longan said...

That's a really cute video! And I really like the family & Elisa pics off the right. Who took them? They're really great!

Anonymous said...

What a great video! You couldn't have posted it at a better time. After working on books, getting ready for taxes the fun of watching Elisa motor around the lawn with the stroller was a definate hightlight. Life can be fun! What a cutie. I'm glad she's enjoying the baby.

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I really loved the video... she is so cute. Ethan liked it too - he told me something about her and pointed and smiled... It is so fun to have a kid around.... we are enjoying it too! Thanks so much for all the fun comments you make on my blog... I love being able to keep connected with your life - through your blog... keep the cute pictures coming!