Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, it's been a little while since my last post... it isn't that I've been so busy... or haven't had time to write. I've thought about posting. But I couldn't come up with anything to write. I feel bored with my life lately. I haven't even been taking many pictures of Elisa. Weird, I know...

Anyway, today Elisa broke through my boredom and gave me something to write about. Last night she woke up coughing several times. Each time I heard it through the monitor and thought about going in to her room to make sure she was doing okay, but sleep won out. So, when I finally went in to get her up this morning I was shocked with what I found. She had blood dried and caked all over her face. Her sheets had blood spots all over them, as did her stuffed bunny, Itty.

I totally freaked out! I felt like the worst mom in the world. What was the blood from? Did she cough it up? I finally started to calm down when I realized that Elisa was acting pretty normal. She was standing there talking and looking at her sheets and Itty as if to say, "Mom, where did this red stuff come from?" Then I realized that it was most likely just a bloody nose. I cleaned her off (this was quite a feat considering the amount of dried blood - especially caked under her nose). And we ate breakfast.

Leesi has been a little sick lately. I think it is a cold, but I also wonder if she's getting another tooth. She just had a top tooth break through this last week, and I wonder if the other one is coming right behind it. (Right now she currently has only three teeth! Can you believe it? Almost 14 months and only 3 teeth?)

Anyway, I'll spare you the pictures (yes, I did take pictures... but only so that Greg would know what he missed).

I've been pretty interested in learning to clean with greener products lately. So, I proceeded to strip everything off her bed and dump it into the bath tub with lots of salt and cold water. (As my Martha Stewart stain remover guide tells me to do)... I've been reading this book on green cleaning and it recommended using Hydrogen Peroxide (mixed with water) to get blood stains out. The salt water soak worked wonders and I think that the Hydrogen Peroxide helped too. Hopefully everything will come out good as new.


Mary Jane said...

Neither Casey or Anna had a single tooth on their 1st birthday. I don't think they got their first one until after 13 months!

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling like the worst mom ever... Ethan was crying a couple weeks ago and I was like... oh no! You are going to cry this one out (we were working on transitioning out of a morning nap and he had only been asleep for a short time!) Well... I finally went in to check on him and he was covered in vomit... it was all over his bed, his animals, ah... I felt so horrible! I just picked him up and hugged him and I did not even care that I was now covered.. I felt so bad.

About the teeth thing... Ethan only has 7 at 17 months... (I think his first tooth was around 11 months) I hear that the later they teeth the healthier the teeth.... sure makes the eating thing challenging though!

hugs to you - cuz you are a GREAT mom!

wamaboo said...

You are a great mom. The blood had to be scary & poor Itty did she make it?

Cathy said...

I think EVERY mom has a story like that one! You feel so terrible afterwards. Glad Elisa is doing better and yay for those teeth!