Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ketchup and other happy thoughts...

Today was a gift from God to me. Truly a beautiful day... the weather was beautiful... but it was more than that too. After church we had our annual church picnic. I've been feeling so alone lately that it was great to hang out and talk with people at the picnic. I left feeling completely renewed and energized. Elisa had a great time at the picnic too. She ate a hot dog and a bunch of cheetos (apparently junk food is not an acquired taste). Then she ran around happily exploring, and sat with me playing with a water bottle (hours of fun... she loves putting the lid on and taking it back off, and of course drinking the water and spilling it down her front).

Then after Elisa's nap we all went for a bike ride. Just the other day Greg hooked Elisa's seat onto the back of his bike so that now we can all ride together. It's so great! I forgot how much I love riding with Greg, and Elisa loves it too. We stopped at Arby's for dinner and just had a great family "date". One of the funniest things we've discovered lately is that Elisa LOVES ketchup. For those of you who know Greg and I this should come as no surprise. I mean, we buy 3 packs of 44oz bottles at Sam's Club whenever we run out. But it's still funny to see a 1-yr old dipping her finger into a pile of ketchup, licking it clean, and dipping again. Tonight at Arby's she was in ketchup heaven. She refused to eat anything but fries until I figured out that she would eat the sandwich if I dipped it in ketchup first. After Arby's it was home and into the bath. Overall, just a great day. It was really refreshing; like I said, a gift from God.


wamaboo said...

Carolyn, I am so happy you had a extra great day,sometimes Our God just hand picks what we need,yours was a true blessing.
Elisa didn't miss her Ketchup gene in the Brock pool!
Love you,Grammy

Greg said...

It was a great day indeed.