Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little update...

So, good news and bad news. The bad news is that in the space of one month both Greg and I have gotten our second stomach virus. This past week after Leesi finished throwing up, I started... then yesterday it was Greg's turn.

The good news is that whatever Leesi had was just a stomach bug. As unlikely as it is for one little girl to get and recover from three different stomach viruses in the space of one month, apparently it is possible. So I am feeling hopeful for the future. Hopeful that this will be our last stomach bug for awhile, and that soon all of my pregnancy nauseau will be behind me. Hopeful that Leesi will start to feel like her old self again. Greg and I have been amazed the last few days at how pleasant and fun Elisa can be. She had been feeling sick for so long that we had forgotten what a happy little girl she is.

Anyway, Here's to a happy, healthy summer!

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Mary Jane said...

So glad to hear Elise is feeling better--You've all been in my prayers. Cute baby bump pics; were you that tiny with Elise, too?