Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, I am back home again. The reunion with Elisa didn't quite go as either Greg or I expected. Elisa watched as I came through the security checkpoint. When I got close to her I knelt down and held out my arms. She looked at me and then turned and ran the other way. She had been playing in this kids area close to where we were standing and she wanted to show me the big plastic lion, and slide down the slide. It was so good to see my little family again, but also kind of sad to see how much bigger Elisa had gotten in just one week.

Here are some pictures from the trip. The first one shows a mobile that Anna and I made for Josiah's room. Turned out cute, didn't it? The second one shows us belly to belly. Anna at 31 weeks, me at 23.

It was such a great trip. So much fun to be with them, and such a nice break from the normal responsibilities of life!

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Caleb and Anna Fields said...

YES! so much fun! I just realized you left a shirt here though...we'll send it back to the NW...let me know which house. Sounds like it was great to see Elisa and Greg...tell them hi and let them know that freedom or not, we all missed them a lot!