Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is harder than I remember...

So, Jonathan will be a week old tomorrow. He is a pretty mellow guy most of the time. He HATES getting his diaper and clothes changed, but other than that he's pretty content.

One problem is that he seems to have his days and nights mixed up. He sleeps great during the day, but at night he wants to be awake and be held and fed constantly. I've had a few tearful nights... around 3am I just break down and cry and beg God to help Jonathan go to sleep. I have mostly been sleeping in one hour increments, and getting about 3 (or 4 if I'm lucky) hours of sleep a night. Last night was a little better, he actually slept from 3:30 until 6:45... so I got a 3 hour stretch of sleep... it felt great! I would really appreciate your prayers - that I will be able to sleep and that I won't get the baby blues too badly (or even better, not at all). I feel somewhat emotionally fragile right now.

Anyway, Elisa seems to really like the baby so far... but I can tell that the newness is starting to wear off. I think she's realizing that this little guy takes a lot of Mom's attention... and she's not too thrilled with that. The other day I went outside to play with her and left the baby with my mom. Then Greg came out and played with us and Elisa was just ecstatic. She loved having all of mom's and dad's attention. It's sad; I miss her. Jonathan takes a long time to nurse... so quite a bit of my time is taken up with him. I miss just being able to sit on the floor and play with Leesi. But I just have to keep reminding myself that this is just a phase. It won't always be like this.

So now, what you've all been waiting for... pictures...

Elisa and Grandma playing with bubbles
A proud Grandma holding Jonathan

"Elisa smile for the camera"

Sometimes I just can't get over how cute she is.

The first official walk with the double stroller... Greg's comment on switching from the Bob jogging stroller to our double stroller: "it's like we traded in the Subaru for a mini-van"

Sleeping burrito babies are just the cutest

On dad's shoulder

Look at that little face


Jeana said...

Your children are beautiful, Carolyn! I will pray that you get the rest you need and that Jonathan will figure out days and nights really soon. You're right, it won't always be like this!

Mary Jane said...

Oh, Carolyn. Even I remember sleep deprivation. You will definately be in my prayers. The good news is the kids are just beautiful. And maybe you can just hide your mom's return ticket for a few weeks.

Caleb and Anna Fields said...

You'll get through it!!! I bet if you just let Leesi "play" with him all day long he won't get any sleep and will want to sleep the night away...you could try that. I love you very much and will be praying that there are no baby-blues! The pictures are beautiful! that boy is a brute! He is gonna outgrow Si in a week or two it looks like!

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I remember soooo clearly all the feelings you just described... there is hope it does get better - 8 hours of nursing a day slowly starts taking less and less time and eventually a routine will develop... (and nursing won't hurt so much.. honest!) I didn't think it would happen.. I really didn't, but here we are and it is getting better every day. I remember crying and crying because I wasn't able to spend time with Ethan and I started to not understand what he was saying and I was always the one who could understand him.. it was heartbreaking, but we are buds again and I have quiet time to play with him again and I love it! Be praying for you... oh I will cuz I am right there with you! I know you are an amazing mom!!!!!

Cassidy said...

Precious! Both your babies are so sweet. It *is* just a phase, as you know...it just seems like it'll never end! I've wondered about "missing" your firstborn as you're working with your second, tho. I'm sure that's hard! I'll be praying ~ Lots of love!