Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Craft for Spring

Lately one of our favorite crafts is these homemade suncatchers. This craft is great for different ages and can be easily adapted for different seasons/themes. We've made jack'o'lanterns, snowmen, butterflies, and crosses this way. First I tape down a piece of contact paper sticky side up, I put the hollow shape on it and then let the kids go to town sticking on pieces of cut-up tissue paper. (For an added step I let the kids choose out and cut, or rip up their own tissue paper). 

There are different techniques: Jonathan likes to grab great big handfuls of tissue paper and mash it onto his; Leesi likes to carefully place her papers one by one. 
After they are done we lay another piece of contact paper on top and then cut around the edges.

The finished product. 

So much fun to "flutter" them around...
 and they look so pretty in the windows with the sun shining through.

Here's a picture of our jack'o'lanterns. I let the kids tell me what kind of shape they wanted for each of the facial features and cut them out for them, then let them place the facial features on the contact paper before doing the tissue paper. Jonathan's are on the left, Leesi's are on the right. 

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Jeana said...

I love it! And I've already got the supplies for it--perfect! Thanks for sharing.