Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's been awhile

The other day my mom said, "I can tell that those three kids are keeping you busy. You rarely blog anymore."

Yes, it's true. Three kids are keeping me busy. But now that Nora is out of the newborn stage, I do find that I have a little more breathing room. And I do want to keep blogging.... so here we go again.

So, to start with, let's do a brief catch-up.

Nora is now 9 months old. We call her fuzz-head because her hair is growing in all nice and fuzzy. She just started crawling and cruising along furniture. At first when she figured out how to crawl, she would crawl around laughing the whole time. Like, "This is the best! Do you see this? I can crawl!" She has a sweet disposition, but when she's unhappy and fussy sometimes she'll trill while she cries. I caught it on video the other day.

Elisa is 5 and just finished preschool. She'll start kindergarten in the fall. She is always busy with new ideas and schemes. Most of all she loves doing art projects.

Jonathan is 3 and loves playing with cars and trucks. He is a little engineer, always trying to figure out how things work.

Greg is off of work for June and July. We went to the beach last week. This week we're all involved with Kid's Day Camp at our church. And next week we are going up to visit my family. Also, Greg and I (and Nora) will go to a Bed and Breakfast for a couple nights for our 12th Anniversary. So, we have a busy June. July should be a little more low key.

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