Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nora drama

For the last two weeks Nora has been battling one thing after another. First she had almost a full week of very intense diarrhea. From that she ended up getting dehydrated and stopped peeing, which then led to bloody pee and a bladder infection. We had numerous trips and calls to the doctor, and one trip to the ER. The poor baby. She has just not been herself. Her coloring is what my mom (who visited this weekend) described as "grey". She needs to be held constantly. She asks to go to bed, and doesn't even want a book first. She started antibiotics on Thursday, and now still (5 days later) she is not quite right. But we are thankful for the little improvements we see. Yesterday she spent much of the morning playing quietly, which was a nice change from needing to be held or lying on the floor. This afternoon she had a low-grade fever and threw up again, which was a step backwards and got me worried. But then she ate a lot at dinner and seemed happy. We are hoping and praying our little sweetie can make a full recovery soon.


Mom said...

Poor little Nora, she really has been through a lot. We will keep praying for her.

Jon Mathis said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! The Mathi will be praying that God will encourage you and heal little Nora. Please keep us posted.