Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zoom Went the Car

Sometimes Jonathan and Leesi like to type on the computer. I open up a Word document for them, and just let them go to town. Mostly it ends up looking like this:
But last time, Leesi and Jonathan sat together and they ended up with this cute little story:
Zoom   went    the       car         oh no  the       car        crashed         in           to     a   big                             truck     it      was       night      the    car     broke down            the       tow truck                                came     it      towed    the         car    went         to    bed     
Clearly Elisa was the brains of the operation. But I think Jonathan contributed a little too. She had help spelling a few of the words. But for the most part, they did it all on their own. 


Jeana said...

So cute! I've never thought to let my kids just type away in a Word doc. What a great idea!

Mom said...

They are quite the story tellers. It is really fun to see them growing in their abilities. Great team work!