Monday, August 17, 2009

Creative people I know

So I have a lot of creative friends who make beautiful things... and I've been wanting to feature them in a post. Now with Etsy it's so easy to display and sell handmade things. I love browsing on Etsy and seeing what people are making. So here are a few of my friends' Etsy sites to check out:

My very talented sister-in-law is an expert knitter. She makes beautiful felted wool bags that get tons of compliments. She also knits hats, scarves etc. Check her out at knit on a bike.

I have two friends that make beautiful jewelry. My mom got me a pair of earrings from Jessica's shop for Christmas and I absolutely love them. Check her out at jlalalalala. Jeana's jewelry often has an organic feel - nature inspired designs. I love how delicate her designs look. Check out her site at ruby willow.

My friend Kristal makes really cool signs. She can even personalize one for you. Check them out at grateful tulip.

I know there are probably people I'm forgetting... so if you are a friend of mine who makes things to sell and you have a site I can refer people to, let me know and I'll add you in!

Thanks to a comment from Lori, here's another site to check out: Molly J Walter. She makes all sorts of things from "plarn" (plastic bags - reused as yarn). Really cool!


Jeana said...

Thanks for this, Carolyn! What a treat--and now I have some new etsy shops to browse, too. Fun!

Jessica said...

awe, thanks!!

Lori said...

Molly Walter makes a wonderful assortment of "plarn" creations. Which are bags, rugs, baskets and all sorts of things, crocheted out of recycled plastic bags and such. This is her etsy.

kristal said...

thanks, carolyn! what a fun treat to see all these etsy shops on your blog. i've got some shoppin to do:)