Monday, August 10, 2009

Moms sometimes need sick days too!

Well, once again Greg is gone on a retreat... just one night. So Leesi and I are home alone. This time we're both sick - yech!

I didn't used to get sick very often. I guess it's just part of the joy that comes with parenting a toddler. Leesi seems to pick up everything and then she passes it on to me.

Last night I felt feverish and kept getting chills... I slept a fair amount yesterday afternoon and evening. But so far today I have felt a lot better. I am very thankful for that. I didn't know how I was going to manage a cranky Elisa by myself while sick. One of the symptoms of this particular virus seems to be mouth pain. My gums feel totally swollen and brushing my teeth causes a fair amount of pain.

Elisa has been sick for about a week now... though we didn't know what was wrong for most of that time, because she is also teething. Her gums seemed extra red lately and the drool spots on her sheets were tinged a faint pink... like she had been bleeding. I blamed this on the teething though. Then on Friday she received a knee to the teeth that has since resulted in repeat bleeding episodes. Now most mornings she wakes up with a few dark red spots on her sheets and jammies. I was pretty worried about this at first and thought that we might need to go to the dentist. But the bleeding episodes seem to be getting fewer and less severe, so I'm pretty sure that the teeth were just knocked loose a little and will tighten back up soon. Anyway, I feel so bad for Elisa - to have this sickness that causes mouth pain, on top of teething and a tooth injury seems terrible.

All in all I think we will somehow pull through! :-)

Thanks for listening to my complaints. Hopefully some new posts will bring happier and more interesting news soon!

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Jessica said...

I remember getting sick a lot the first few years. One winter we had a stomach virus on rotation in our house for about 4 months. It will end, eventually. So hang in there. As far as the mouth stuff goes, could it be "hand, foot and mouth disease"?