Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jonathan's Dedication

Jonathan was dedicated this past Sunday. It was a somewhat unimpressive event: 8 families lined up and the elders and pastors went down the line praying for each kid. We were the last family. Elisa has been in some kind of funk the last few days, so I was totally preoccupied with trying to keep her somewhat quiet and happy. She kept on climbing up the stairs to the stage as far as she could go while still holding my hand, then jumping back down the stairs. It was a really fun game. So, when the pastor got to us, and I picked her up, she started screaming (of course). But Jonathan was good as gold the whole time.

Even though the event itself was not very exciting or impressive, I'm trying to keep the meaning behind the dedication in mind. We are presenting Jonathan back to God and saying that we will do our best (with the help of our church, friends, and family) to raise him to love and serve Jesus.

Here's a picture of our family after church on dedication day. (Check out Jonathan's very cute sweater - he looked so grown up)


Jeana said...

You all look great. I LOVE his little sweater...and his adorable chubby cheeks!

Nancy said...

I love the picture that you had shown on the's soooo cute.
Jonathan looks very handsome in his sweater and Leesi looks pretty please with the whole affair.Great family.