Friday, November 6, 2009

An Unfortunate Incident

So, I know that the grandparents want to see more pictures... especially of the little guy. I haven't posted any in awhile, but there is a good reason. It has to do with an unfortunate incident that occurred on Halloween. Our camera fell off the stroller and will no longer take pictures. However, it will take videos. So, you may start seeing a lot more videos and a lot less pictures on my blog. Here are a couple of pictures I took recently on a camera we borrowed:
Doesn't he look so surprised!

Just relaxin'

Here is a video of his first bath


Caleb and Anna Fields said...

The newest little Brock is soooo adorable! I really really hope we get to see you guys at Christmas! I can't wait. I check your blog all the time, so keep the videos coming and ask for a new camera for Christmas!

Wanda said...

What a chunk of Brock you've got. He's growing fast,looks like a sweety.
How are the nights going?
Does Elisa still want to
"howed im"?
Can't wait for December & your Oregon bound.

Nancy said...

That sweet baby boy is really growing. And his eyes are getting so blue, just like Leesi's.
I know I am going to be amazed at how much he's grown when we see you at Christmas.
We always love seeing whatever you post, whether pictures or videos.