Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leesi's first snowman

So yesterday it snowed here in Columbia City! It was a total surprise and caught everyone off guard. I don't think it was predicted at all. I took a nap yesterday while Jonathan and Elisa were napping, and when I awoke it was snowing!

Last night we went out and had a little snowball fight (it's perfect packing snow). And this morning Leesi and I made a snowman. After we were finished with our snowman Leesi said, "Again." So we made a snow-woman. Leesi loves it. Jonathan has stayed inside where it is cozy and warm. I might take him out in it before it all melts though. After all, it is his first snow.


beccafredo said...

How cute! It was fun to have snow for an evening! THe kids at work were going bomko! =)

titushome said...

Very cute!! You are in Oregon?? Yay!! How long are you up for? We are getting ready to head off to Ethiopia in the next little bit!! :)


Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I just love your new blog template... I had to try it out... so I did! Thanks for the inspiration!!! I just love being able to read about your life on here... it is so fun keeping up with you guys... lots of love!

Cathy said...

So much fun...the first snow for a little one! Great snowman! Thanks for the video!