Monday, December 14, 2009


The annual J. Alvin Christmas party took place this last Thursday, and once again the guys went all out decorating. The theme was Narnia, and students entered through a "wardrobe" to make their way into the party. The atrium looked really cool... there was even a working street light in the middle of the atrium. Each year the suites compete in a decorating contest. This year there were some really cool looking Suites: Holiday Saloon (with a boar's head mounted on the wall), An Upside Down Christmas (looked like a cozy sitting room with a christmas tree, presents, and a fire - all upside down), An old-fashioned malt shop, and even a Santa picture station (with elf helpers and photographers).

So Jonathan had his first picture with Santa... I just found it on Facebook with the caption "I can't believe they trusted him with the Brock baby" :-)


Jeana said...

Life in a school setting is pretty awesome. I love that Jonathan gets called "The Brock Baby". Our kids are "famous" with the high schoolers at Geary's school, too.

Cassidy said...

What a darling picture! Jonathan is so precious. Can't wait to see you!

Nancy said...

Jonathan looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. Such a little sweetie, acturally, his not so little. He has grown so much since I've seen him. I can hardly wait for you to get here.