Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diaper Deal

So, right now I have two kids in diapers. Elisa was SUPER into potty training right around the time that she turned two. For a couple weeks she used the potty, wore big girl underwear, and was very self-motivated. She could totally do it, and I was ecstatic. But then for some reason she decided that she'd rather just wear diapers. I have decided not to push her just yet, but let her lead the way for now. So once again, I have two in diapers.

Now as most of you know I have done both cloth and disposable diapers (See this post and this post to read more on this). Right now Jonathan wears both cloth and disposables, and Elisa is exclusively in disposables. (She needed new diaper covers and we decided not to replace them since she was "so close" to potty training).

Anyway, I guess I bring all this up to say that diapers are expensive. And diapering two children (even one that often wears cloth) is really expensive. So I wanted to tell anyone who is in the same boat as me about a great deal at

If you are a new customer they will give you $10 off your first order (of $49 or more) when you use the referral code CARX1546 (this also gives me a $5 credit). Then print off this form and follow the instructions on the bottom to get a $14.97 rebate from Parenting Early Years magazine. I did this about a month ago and received my rebate check last week, so it really works! I ended up paying about 11 cents per diaper... which is such a great deal! Cheaper even than buying the big case of store brand diapers at Sam's Club (which are about 17 cents per diaper). So give them a try if you haven't yet!

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