Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Talker

It's so fun to know what goes on in Elisa's head now that she is talking more. Today she told me, "I need my little IPod." I said, "You don't have an IPod." She said, "I'm just going to go running." And off she went, running down the sidewalk.

A little bit later I was feeding Jonathan and she was coloring at the table. She told me, "I colored the frog's toenails. I colored them black." I looked, and sure enough, she had colored his toenails.

A few days ago she was studying these flowers while eating her snack at the table. After awhile she said, "That fish is eating them." "What?" "That fish is eating the flowers." "Oh... you're right!"

None of these conversations are that extraordinary. It's just that for so long most of the things she says are things that she's heard us say. So now it's fun to see her original thoughts coming out.

She calls everything "little", and she doubles words... like, "I need my little milky-milk." I guess she gets this from me.

Another thing that's been fun lately is watching how much she loves Jonathan. She really likes him. This morning I asked her what she wanted to do today and she said, "Play with Jonathan." I think to a certain extent she wishes she could be the Momma. So she parents Itty. She always informs us what Itty needs. Among other things he needs: his paci, some tummy time, his diaper changed, to drink Leesi's milk, a little toy, and the other day (when I was taking pictures of Jonathan) she told me that Itty needed his picture taken. This is what we got...

What a sweet girl. Itty puts up with all this attention quite well... in fact I think he rather likes it. Jonathan loves Elisa too. But sometimes he needs a little space.


Nancy said...

That is so precious. I can hardly wait to spend more time with Leesi. And Jonathan, too, when he doesn't need space.

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

I love having conversations with Ethan... it is so fun and FUNNY - I just think it is the best stage so far!! Love to hear about your little joys in the day... thanks so much for sharing!