Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today a moving company guy came and looked through our entire house in order to give us an estimate of how much they would charge to move us. When I think about packing all this up and moving it makes me wish I were a little more like Ghandi, whose possessions at the time of his death were as follows: His two dinner bowls, wooden fork and spoon, the famous porcelain monkeys, his diary, prayer book, watch, spittoon, letter openers and two pair of sandals. I carry more than that with me just to run to the grocery store with the kids.


Nancy said...

Remember, Carolyn, he didn't have two little sweeties at the time of his death or I'm sure he would have at least had a box of disposable diapers.
Though I haven't had to move many times in my life, I enjoy packing. (maybe because I haven't had to do it much) It's a challenge. So I'm looking forward to helping you.See you in 33 days. Love, Mom

kristal said...

carolyn....i hear you! hang in there and know you will come out the other side with your most important belongings.