Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new camera

In case you don't know, our camera fell off of the stroller and broke a few months ago. Our budget has been really tight, so we haven't been able to buy a new one yet. Last week we received our tax refund, so now we finally have the money to buy a new digital camera! The one we had before was just a small point and shoot. We really liked it; it took great pictures and was small enough that we carried it everywhere. When it broke we went back to using our film camera, which is a large SLR. We've really noticed that with the SLR we're able to take much better quality pictures, and we have more control... but since it's so large we don't want to carry it around with us. So now that it's time to buy a new one we're really debating. Should we buy a point and shoot or an SLR? The point and shoot would be a much cheaper option (less than $200). If we decided to go with the digital SLR we would only have to buy the camera body since we already have a lens but it would still cost $400-$500. Any advice?


Mary Jane said...

A couple of things. With small children you probably want the point & shoot; but get a good one with a 10x zoom at least. I used mine all the time with the girls. I now have an SLR which I love and it does take great pictures, but I don't use it as much when it is just the kids and me--I kind of need someone else to watch the kids while I shoot pics.

Another consideration: I found my old film lenses did not fit my new SLR even though they are the same maker. Before you count on them fitting, be sure you try them out in real life.

Jeana said...

We have this camera:

The Nikon Coolpix L100 with 15x zoom. It's bigger than the average point and shoot but still small enough to carry around (though not in a pocket). It also has some nicer features which give a little more control. And it's priced in the middle, too--around $250. We bought ours at Target.

So far I really like it and have noticed lots of improvement in my pictures. There is a similar type of camera by Cannon that a friend of mine has and she loves hers, too. I think she bought hers at Costco which is a plus because if it ever breaks they will take it back or replace it.

Wanda said...

Kathy & Nick brought the new Nilkon Cool Pix down here to Mexico,easy to use,great results. It´s a good thing my old standby may not make it thru this trip it just lost it´s flash cover glass. Adios, Mom