Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jonathan at 7 months and a fairy princess

Here's my cute Jonathan boy at 7 months. This is his normal tongue smile. He's sitting up really well these days, though he still tips over sometimes. He STILL has not rolled from his tummy to his back! So he rolls onto his tummy and then after a few minutes he gets really upset because he can't roll back over! He is really into playing with toys now. And of course, everything goes into his mouth. This past week he has been sick with an ear infection and upper respiratory infection. He's been really unhappy and fussy. But after a couple doses of his antibiotics, he's doing much better (as you can tell from the picture above - taken today).

For quite some time Elisa has been very opinionated about what clothes she wears. Lately she wants to wear dresses and skirts most of the time. She has started making comments about looking like, "a little princess." Greg and I have no idea where she picked this up. We have never used the "p" word! She also loves wearing tights. This outfit offers the best of both worlds... great tights and an attention-getting dress. You may remember it as her Halloween costume from last year. She's worn it two different days this week. And she loves to accessorize! (In these pictures notice the sparkly bracelet on her right arm). But she's not all girly. As you can tell, we were outside playing with cars.

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Wanda said...

Jonathan will have a sister to play in the dirt with him, providing she doesn't make him dress up! They are so fun.
Love to all,Grammy