Friday, February 26, 2010

My mantra as a mom of a two year old...

I will not squelch her creativity and individuality just because I want her clothes to match.

I will be consistent, even when I don't feel like it.

I will not expect too much of her, keeping in mind what is developmentally appropriate.

I will not expect too little of her, keeping in mind what is developmentally appropriate.

I will let her do things by herself, even when it means extra stain remover later.

I will not apologize or feel bad about the times that Jonathan takes me "away" from her, knowing that a sibling is one of the greatest gifts I can give her.

I will take time to sit and play with her, even when it means the dishes go undone.

I will help her learn to express her emotions in appropriate ways; it's not okay to scream and throw a fit, but she doesn't need to hide her feelings and put on a smile either.

Okay, so I guess the above items can't really be considered mantras. They're too long. They are just my goals. My real mantra is "Just make it to nap time!" and my constant breath prayer is "God, give me patience!" :-)


titushome said...

I love it - my list is very similar!! They seem so simple when written on paper....why are they so hard to execute at times?? :)

Mary Jane said...

Good job, Carolyn. I love these. Where were you when I was raising kids?

Caleb and Anna Fields said...

you're the greatest mom! I wish we were raising our kids down the street from one another!