Monday, February 1, 2010

Precious moments

No, not the little figurines.

Precious moments of sibling love. I absolutely love it when Elisa and Jonathan have positive interactions. It melts my heart. The last couple of days Elisa has started "reading" books to Jonathan. In this video she also shows off a little by spelling her name (you have to listen really closely - but she totally does it!) and singing the first little bit of ABCs.


Mary Jane said...

Did Alisa really talk baby talk to him in the beginning? I could swear she raised her little voice--precious!

beccafredo said...

OH, what a smart little cutie pie! My favorite is the froggie mouth! =)

Denee Longan said...

So cute! I want to meet Jonathan someday! He's a cute sturdy boy! Henri has that outfit too. :)

Wanda said...

Your beautiful babies make a great picture. I love how Elisa
bends down gently to Jonathan & makes sure he has his elephant. He still looks like he is unsure of her. They will be best buddys soon,she has a lot to teach him.