Friday, February 5, 2010

A video for Greg

So like I said before, Greg is out of town. He's in Florida at a conference about College Student Values. He is actually going to present at it tomorrow morning along with one of the other RDs. I'm so proud of him. I know he'll do a great job. The conference ends tomorrow at noon and they'll get back late tomorrow night.

This is the description of their presentation:

Assessing Student Values Gained Through Residential Living This session will explore the methods recently employed at John Brown University to evaluate the effectiveness of the transference of core values to students obtained through residential living. The Residence Life staff developed an assessment tool based on student interviews that allowed residents to share their own values through personal narratives about their campus experience. This newly applied method came from a desire to have more qualitative data as opposed to just quantitative data from surveys. Greg Brock, Resident Director, John Brown University & Patrick Bergquist, Resident Director/Adjunct Professor, John Brown University

Tonight after Elisa had her bath she wanted to be wrapped in a ton of blankets. Here's a little video of her and Jonathan chillin' on the couch tonight. It's really not a very exciting video, but I figured Greg would want to see his little ones. I know he misses them.

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titushome said...

Aww! They're so cute!