Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick kid update

So this morning Elisa woke up at 6:00 crying. I went in to check on her. I took her temperature and her fever was 103.2! So I gave her more Tylenol and held her for awhile. Of course Jonathan had also woken up at 6:00 wanting to eat (why is it that they always seem to need you at the same time?)... so I held Elisa for as long as I could until Jonathan wouldn't wait any longer to eat. I took her temperature again, it had come back down to 101 something... so I laid her in her crib and went back to feed Jonathan. Then we all went back to sleep and slept in a little later than usual this morning (which was very nice!) Elisa's temperature has been back at a normal level since she got up. She's still not quite herself. But at least she no longer has a fever.

I've been pampering her so much this morning. It's noon and she's already on her 3rd video and 2nd cup of juice (these are once-a-day things at most usually). She still has her jammies on and her paci.... she's in heaven... except she's sick :-( We've also read a bunch of books together... she's actually snuggling with me while I read. That's how you know that she's sick or really tired... when she'll snuggle.

I think this afternoon I may try to think of some fun activities for her that don't take too much energy. I was thinking of making home-made play doh. She hasn't ever played with play doh, but I think she would really enjoy it. So that might be fun.

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Greg said...

I'm sorry you have to take care of a sickhead alone and stuck at home. I'll be home soon! I'm glad you guys had fun with the play-dough today.

Oh, and thanks for the Sour Patch Kids too. You know and love me well.